Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Catholic Bible Study


Instructor Deacon Jake Runyon Phone 574-289-5539

Office St. Matthew’s Rectory E-mail Jacobrunyon@gmail.com


Daniel J. Harrington, S.J., How do Catholics Read the Bible?, New York: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, Inc, 2005.


This Catholic Bible study will examine not only books and texts from the Bible, but will also discuss the Bible itself. Many people are interested in reading the Bible; however, the Bible is a unique book. It cannot be read like any other book we can buy at Borders. Rather, certain historical and introductory material needs be mastered before a person can understand the Bible at a more profound level. This course will help those interested read and understand the Bible.

The first semester will contain two units: introduction to the Bible, and the Book of the Prophet Isaiah. The second semester will also contain two units: the birth and death of Jesus, and the resurrection of Jesus. Those who are only interested in one unit can feel free to attend one or all units.


Discuss the principles of Catholic exegesis.

Conduct a Study of the Book of the Prophet Isaiah

Using a synoptic analysis, we will examine the infancy, passion, and resurrection narratives.


There will be some reading between classes. However, class attendance is the most that is required.

Course Schedule:

Below you will find the course schedule for the first half of the course. It is hoped that the required reading will be read on the day listed. For example, please read Harrington 17-31 before class on October 13, as it will be discussed during that class.

Week Topic Required Reading

October 6 Spirituality of Bible Study None

October 13

The development of the Bible

Harrington p. 17-31

October 20 The documents of the Church

Harrington p. 1-16, 33-47

(Also, reading Dei Verbum from the Second Vatican Council would be quite helpful here.)

October 27 No Class No Class

November 3 The process of exegesis

Harrington 49-64, 95-111, and “Process of Exegesis” (handout).

November 10 No Class No Class

November 17 Exegesis of John 4 John chapter 4 and handout from The Revelatory Text.

November 24 Introduction to Isaiah Harrington 65-80, Isaiah chapters 1-20.

December 1 No meeting Parish Mission

December 8 First Isaiah Isaiah chapters 21-39

December 15 Second and Third Isaiah Isaiah chapters 40-66

December 22 Alternate Views on Isaiah Materials will be provided by Instructor.

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