Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Posts from first class below

Below you will find several posts.  These include the syllabus, lectio divina handout, Dei Verbum, and the quotations from the catechism.  At the bottom of each page you may have to click "older post" to see the next post. 
Again, thank you for the wonderful turnout.  We will be sure to have more chairs next time.  May God bless you and reveal himself to you in your study of the Sacred Scriptures.
Deacon Jake

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  1. Deacon Jake,
    This is Sophie Tiller from your St. Matt's 7th grade religion class. I have the answer for the who was the last non-Italian pope before Pope John Paul 2. It was Adrian VI born on March 2, 1459 in Uterecht, Netherlands. He died in Rome, Italy on Sept. 14, 1523.

    Thank you,
    Sophie Tiller