Saturday, April 15, 2017

Good Friday

Good Friday:
Last night we entered into the Last Supper of Jesus.  He washed our feet, he gave us his presence in the Eucharist, and his lasting ministry through the Priesthood.  Last night we also reflected on St. Peter.  He tried to stop Jesus from washing his feet.  He may have even had good motives: he didn’t feel worthy of having Jesus stoop down.  We might not feel worthy of his love either.  But, if we don’t let him love us, we will stop from receiving the most amazing gifts ever.
Today we are at the foot of the cross.  We hear about Jesus and his saving sacrifice.  Jesus hands over his life for us.  Again, we can look at St. Peter as an example for us.  You know, when St. Peter said last night that he wasn’t worthy, he may have been on to something.  Even though at the Last Supper Peter professed that he would never deny Jesus, we hear today that he did deny Jesus 3 times.  What do we learn?  Peter is weak.  He means well, but he fails.  Sound familiar?
Many of us have been going to confession recently.  Lent is a great time to experience God’s mercy.  But, I often feel like Peter.  I mean well, I profess I won’t fall, then I do…  But, you know what, the point is to keep getting up. 
Jesus knew Peter would fall.  He even predicted it at the last supper. And what does Jesus do today?  He still hands over his life.  Jesus knows we are not perfect.  Jesus knows we are sinners.  He loves us anyway.  He forgives us anyway.  Look at today: he dies because he loves us.
I hope everyone gets a chance to let this sink in.  Jesus dies today.  He really dies, he completely empties himself.  Even his blood and water flow out for us when his heart is pierced.  He really dies. 
This hasn’t always been easy to accept.  There have been people since the early days of the church who have found this hard to accept.  People have said: no, Jesus just appeared to die.  Or, no, Jesus just appeared to be fully human.  But, Jesus really died.  His whole life was handed over out of love for each of us, even though we are sinners.

Let that sink in today.  This is a lot of love.  Let this love fill you and give you hope. 

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