Thursday, April 14, 2011

Review Questions for Freshmen Religion

Here are the questions and answers from our game today.

Round 1: Moses

1. What does Moses’ name mean in Hebrew? To draw out

2. Who found Moses when he was hidden in the river? Pharaoh’s daughter

3. Who helped to raise Moses? His own mother

4. Who did Moses kill that got him into trouble? An Egyptian.

5. Where did Moses go to escape? Midian

6. Who did Moses meet there? Jethro

7. What did that man give Moses in return for his kindness, what was her name? Wife, Zipporah.

8. What did Moses see one day when he was tending the flocks? Burning bush. What 2 major things did God reveal to Moses that day? His name, his decision to help Israel.

9. Who ends up helping Moses in his mission to Pharaoh?

10. Where does Moses die? Why can’t he enter into the Promised Land? On the east side of the Jordan river, because of what happened at Meribah and Massah.

Round 2: Exodus

1. Where are the people at the beginning of Exodus and how did they get there? Egypt, they stayed after Joseph went down there.

2. What is the major event that begins the problems of Exodus? A new pharaoh who knew not Joseph.

3. What was the name of the foreign rulers who were friendly to Joseph and the Israelites? Hyksos.

4. What did Pharaoh order to be removed after Moses asked to have the people set free? Straw.

5. What does God cast upon Egypt to show his power? Plagues

6. What was the first plague? What was the last plague? Water to blood, death of first born.

7. Why did the plagues take the form that they did? In other words, why these specific 10 plagues? They attacked Egyptian deities.

8. What did Moses demand of Pharaoh? To let the people go three days into the desert so that they may worship God.

9. When Pharaoh lets the people go, what do they take from the Egyptians? Gold and Silver

10. How did God lead the people through the desert? Pillar of cloud by day and of fire by night.

Round 3: Desert

1. How long do the people wander in the desert? 40 years.

2. What does Moses do when he sees the Egyptians destroyed in the Red Sea? He sings his song of victory.

3. As soon as the people are freed they start to complain asking for what 3 things, and what does God give them? Meat, bread, water. Quails, manna, water from the rock.

4. What is the name of the place where they grumbled for water and end up getting Moses in trouble? Meribah and Massah.

5. How much Manna are the people supposed to gather every day but Sabbath, how much on Sabbath? One day’s worth, an Omer. Twice as much the day before the Sabbath.

6. On what mountain do the people stop and receive the Law from God? Sinai

7. What is the Hebrew word for Law and what does it mean? Torah, instruction

8. The 10 commandments were placed on two tablets, how many commands are on the first tablet, how many on the 2nd, who is the subject of the first tablet, who is the subject of the 2nd tablet? 3, 7: God, others

9. Moses becomes weary by judging everyone’s cases, who gives him a suggestion, and what was that suggestion? Jethro tells him to appoint others to help him judge cases.

10. Where are the people headed? Canaan

Round 4: Joshua, Judges, Misc

1. What is the first city attacked by the Israelites? Jericho

2. Joshua sends some spies into the city: who helps them, what is her profession, and what does she do to signal to the Israelites that she is not to be harmed? Rahab, prostitute, scarlet cord.

3. Who is Deborah’s general, who are they fighting, what is the name of that general, how does he die and who kills him? Barak, fighting Jabin, Sisera, killed by Jael with a tent spike.

4. Who does Gideon fight? How big is his army? How did they defeat the enemy? Midianites, 300 men, they sneak into the camp at night, blow their horns causing the enemies to attack one another.

5. Who is Samson fighting? Who causes him to be led astray? What is the name of his vow? What 2 things was he not allowed to do? Philistines, Delilah, Nazirite, cut his hair or take strong drink.

6. What are the 2 different names for the Holy Name of God? What are the 4 letters? What is the best way to translate this name into English? Ha Shem, Tetragrammaton, YHWY, I AM.

7. Before God reveals his name to Moses he tells him a different name about his relationship, what is the name? The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

8. What is the Hebrew word for Judge? Shofet

9. Why does Moses break the tablets that God had made? The golden calf

10. What was contained in the Ark of the Covenant? Tablets, Manna, Aaron’s staff

Essay questions:

I will ask you to tell me some of the stories.

Also, there will be short answer questions on the 10 commandments.

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