Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Isaiah Timeline:

History during the time of Isaiah

  • Uzziah and Jotham (791-732 BC)
    • Isaiah was called to be a prophet in the year when King Uzziah died (see Isaiah 6:1) 742 BC
    • Uzziah was second only to Solomon in wealth and power. But, he grew proud (2Chron 26:18)
    • He was king of Judah
    • He developed leprosy and was succeeded by his son Jotham (Jotham began to reign while Uzziah was still alive)
    • During this period Isaiah was busy afflicting the comfortable. On the outside, things were great, but Isaiah was worried about their laxity, their mistreatment of the poor, and especially their worship of foreign gods.
  • Tiglath-pileser III 744-727 BC
    • This was the Assyrian King
    • During his reign everyone in the north began to get quite worried.
    • Pekah of Israel sided with Rezin of Damascus
    • These two went to the new king of Judah, Ahaz, asking him to join their coalition.
    • Isaiah recommends against this and Ahaz listens to Isaiah.
    • However, Israel and Damascus attack Judah.
    • In this weakened condition, the Philistines and Edom attack Judah.
    • With pressure from all sides, Ahaz goes against Isaiah's recommendation and sides with Assyria.
    • Assyria attacks the north, freeing Judah from pressure. Israel becomes an Assyrian Vassal state.
    • Ahaz, impressed by these victories, decides to join in with Assyrian worship.
    • So, Ahaz is paying tribute to the Assyrian king and joining in Assyrian worship. He is putting his trust in human rulers, this is where Immanuel is promised.
  • Shalmaneser 726-722 BC
    • After the death of Tiglath-pilesar Hoshea from Israel decides to stop payment of the tribute. This pretty much ends the kingdom of Israel.
  • Hezekiah 715 BC
    • A good king of Judah
    • His first act was to clear out the abominations of Ahaz and rededicate the temple.
    • He is not as friendly with Assyria, and he attacks the Philistines, probably as a way to ally himself with Egypt against the Assyrians.
  • Sennacharib 704-681
    • With Hezekiah distancing himself from Assyria, Sennacharib leads an attack against Judah.
    • He wreaks havoc throughout the land, coming all the way up to the gates of Jerusalem.
    • Miraculously, Jerusalem is able to wait out the siege. Apparently a pestilence broke out in the Assyrian camp. There after Judah is dependent upon Assyria but somewhat independent.

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