Tuesday, September 22, 2009

CBS Bible Study

What: Catholic Bible Study
Where: St. Matthew’s Cathedral
When: Every Tuesday night starting October 6th.

This year we are offering something new at St. Matthew’s. Deacon Jake Runyon will be offering a course on the Bible. This course will meet most Tuesday evenings from 7:00-8:00 in classroom 8a (enter through the south school doors and you will find the room upstairs).
All are welcome to attend the first class, on October 5th, which will discuss the spirituality of Bible study. Also, a presentation will be made of the whole course. Anyone who has ever been interested in studying more about the Bible is welcome to attend.
The Catholic Bible Study (CBS for short) will run from October 5th to May 18th (with several holiday breaks in the schedule). There will be four major segments: introduction to the Bible, the Prophet Isaiah / Infancy Narratives, Passion Narratives, and the Resurrection of Jesus. There will be a study book provided for each of the sections as well as handouts from Deacon Jake.
This is an exciting opportunity to learn about God’s Holy Word.

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